Transforming the pez diablo


How we work

modular production system

We've developed a replicable and scalable model to implement in rural fishing communities across Southern Mexico.  We seek to work directly with fishing cooperatives and provide the training and basic equipment necessary for local fishermen to kickstart their own small-scale production facility. Fishermen capture and process the fish into fillets and we manage the sale and distribution of the product. Under this structure, fishermen earn 20%-25% more than they did previously fishing or in other jobs. Owing to the fragmented nature of the freshwater fishing industry in Southern Mexico, our goal is to implement a series of modules throughout the region and aggregate production to sell throughout North America.  

Jerky Production in the U.S. 

We ship fish by refrigerated truck from our fillet modules in Tabasco to our cold storage unit in Mexico City.  From there we distribute fillet to partners in the city and send the rest by truck to the U.S and Canada. We work with USDA-certified American co-packers to craft each and every tasty bite of El Diablito. Have an idea for a new jerky flavor? We want to hear it!  

public awareness

Our commitment to transform the devil fish doesn't stop with processing and selling the fish.  Through partnerships with organizations like the Red Cross, UNDP and local NGOs, we routinely travel to communities around the state to give presentations and perform culinary demonstrations with the goal of driving local consumption of Acari.  We work closely with our friends at the NGO Come Tabasco including Chef Lupita Vidal to teach fishermen and their families how to fillet the fish and prepare dishes like ceviche, meatballs and the local speciality moné. 


“One man's trash is another man's treasure.”


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