Mike Mitchell


Mike arrived in Tabasco in 2014 through a Fulbright research grant to study small-scale fish farming in rural communities. After learning about the 'pez diablo,' Mike fell in love with the idea and challenge of transforming the perception of the fish, and in turn, creating new economic opportunities for local fishermen.  Mike graduated from UPenn with concentrations in Marketing and Environmental Policy & Management.  


Victor Hernández


Victor Hernández is a native of Tabasco and a biology student at la Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco (UJAT) majoring in the cultivation and production of aquatic organisms.  Victor manages the production for Acarí, working with our fishermen everyday to process and package our fish.  


Axel Quevedo


Axel grew up in New York, New York.  He's done a bit of everything including commercial fishing, IT and boat maintenance.  Axel currently lives in Mexico City and manages the logistics and sales for Acarí.   


Sam Bordia

Jerky Operations

Sam completed his undergraduate studies at Cornell University, majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations and graduating with honors.  He has worked in numerous developing country contexts including starting a farmer's market in rural India, recruiting restaurants to contribute their food waste to an organic fertilizer project in Mexico, and exploring the market landscape for wastewater reuse in Morocco.  Sam is responsible for the jerky operation in the United States. At this moment, primarily concerned with packaging, customer acquisition, and strategy development.